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Jerry Paper presents... 'I am begging you to come to these shows' Tour

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Doors open at 9 PM

Happy Hour specials until 10 PM

Show Ends at 1:30 AM

Late Night Food Menu 12 AM - 2:30 AM

All Ages (Bar will be open)

$10 Presale $15 General Admission

Los Angeles native Lucas Nathan is the host body for the interdimensional being and experimental pop musician known as Jerry Paper. First surfacing during the early 2010s with a series of limited cassettes and LPs, Paper wrote woozy, lo-fi tunes in his bedroom using cheap keyboards, often singing existentialist lyrics relating to anxiety and hopelessness over smooth, Muzak-like backing tracks. On-stage, he would don a flower garland or silk robe, and give deadpan monologues related to his songs. His subsequent recordings became more ambitious, but he still remained infatuated with blatantly synthetic keyboard tones imitating real instruments. In 2016, he released the lush, elaborate Toon Time Raw!, on which he was accompanied by BadBadNotGood (credited as Easy Feelings Unlimited). Paper signed to Stones Throw in 2018, and the smooth, sophisticated full-length Like a Baby appeared on the label that year. Lucas Nathan learned several instruments as a child, and was in a few bands as a student. As a teenager, he was disinterested in electronic music, but after playing around with a friend's synthesizer, he decided to create electronic music in order to develop an appreciation for the genre. In 2009, he began a project called Zonotope™, which was intended as propaganda for an alternative spiritual community known as the Temple of Pure Information and Mainframe Devotion. Through various cassette, CD-R, and digital releases on labels like the Curatorial Club and Hobo Cult (as well as a split tape with Panabrite), Nathan constructed bubbly ambient soundscapes, gradually introducing his sedated croon into the mix. Nathan also released noisier, more experimental music as Diane Kensington Devotional Band, based on the concept of a Wellness Group for a fictional religion traveling into the space between the 1 and the 0 via a method known as Trance Channels. The name Jerry Paper appeared in the credits for releases by both of these projects, either as the composer or the being that the music was channeled through (Paper was also thanked as the builder of the Mainframe). According to the story, Paper quit the spiritual community in order to seek a different, less orthodox form of spirituality. Jerry Paper's first cassette, Vol. 1, was released by Digitalis Limited in 2012, and contained slightly less abstract songs than Nathan's work as Zonotope™. The mini-album International Man of Misery, issued by Orange Milk, followed in 2013, and was described by its creator as "a cartoonish version of depression." Another Digitalis cassette, Fuzzy Logic, appeared almost simultaneously, and was themed around how technology and politics complicate modern life.